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ACES awards spotlight top student research

The Annual Celebration of Excellence by Students (ACES), a university-wide symposium showcasing the best of UT Arlington undergraduate and graduate students' research and creativity, presented its 2010 awards on March 25, and the College of Science was well-represented among the winners. The awards were given after a full day of judging entrants' oral and poster presentations. Judges were comprised of faculty, alumni and area professionals.

"I'm so proud of our College of Science students and the quality of their research," Dean Pamela Jansma said. "This is a good way to showcase the great work our students are doing and we're thrilled to have so many science students receive awards."

Winners with ties to the College of Science include:

Sigma Xi Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award- Kevin Schug, assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry

Graduate Sustainability Award ($200)- Moustafa Abou Shabana (Chemistry) Title: Photoassisted Coal Electrolysis Faculty mentor: Krishnan Rajeshwar

Graduate morning oral presentation

Graduate Dean's Award ($100)- Aruna B. Wijeratne (Chemistry) Title: Tartar Emetic: Chemically Known as Potassium Antimony Tartrate: The Best Kept Secret for Centuries Faculty mentor: Kevin Schug

Undergraduate afternoon oral presentation President's Award ($300)- Brian Stamos (Biochemistry) Title: Protein Biochip Technology for Medicinal Drug Discovery Faculty mentor: Roshan Perera

Provost's Award ($200)- Chelsea Roff (Psychology) Title: How Affective Dissonance Impacts Self-Reported Emotional Experience Faculty mentors: Andrew Baum and Daniel Levine

Honorable Mention ($50) - Jaundell Parker (Interdisciplinary Studies) Title: Environmental temperature and virulence in marine bacteria Faculty mentor: Laura Mydlarz

Undergraduate poster presentation

President's Poster Award ($200)- Paul Pasichnyk (Biology) Title: In field conditions, avian predators attack blue sections of a potential prey item at a higher frequency than black sections: Empirical evidence of an underlying premise of the decoy hypothesis Faculty mentor: Charles Watson

Provost's Poster Award ($100)- W. Clemons (Chemistry) Title: Determining Sickle Cell Anemia and Beta-Thalassemia Carriers Rapidly, Accurately, and Inexpensively with a Dual Wavelength Light Source Light Scattering Analytical Instrument Faculty mentor: Sandy Dasgupta