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NSF grant to fund scholarships in science, engineering and earth and environmental science studies


The National Science Foundation has awarded The University of Texas at Arlington a five-year, $600,000 grant to encourage undergraduates to earn a degree in science or engineering, complete a master’s degree in Earth and Environmental Science and enter the workforce or pursue doctoral study.

The project will provide scholarships to academically talented undergraduates who are economically disadvantaged and who would like to earn a master’s degree in geology or environmental and earth science. The grant is designed to help 22 students cover tuition and fees their senior year and for two years of graduate study.

“Our goal is to encourage more students to pursue graduate study and a career in the geosciences,” said Andrew Hunt, assistant professor in earth and environmental sciences and principal investigator for the grant. “We hope some of these students also will go on to earn a Ph.D. in our Earth and Environmental Science doctoral program.”

The College of Science’s Earth and Environmental Sciences Department and the Office of Graduate Studies jointly proposed the project and will manage the grant together.

Graduate School Dean Phil Cohen; Joe Jackson, associate dean of the Graduate School; John Wickham, chair and professor of the Earth & Environmental Sciences Department; and John Holbrook, professor in the Earth and Environmental Sciences Department are co-principal investigators for the grant.

Dean Cohen said the scholarships would be both need- and merit-based.

“We’ll be using the grant to prepare talented students in their undergraduate years and provide them with the resources to succeed in graduate school,” Cohen said. “Many of these students will be the first members of their families to attend college.”

UT Arlington plans to draw participants from the University's undergraduate ranks and from the University of Texas-Brownsville and The University of Texas-Pan American.

Students who are interested in applying for the program should contact Michael Saenz at 817-272-2315 or