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Armstrong wins Dow WesTEC Award for commitment to science, education and research

Daniel W. Armstrong, the Robert A. Welch Distinguished Professor in the UTA Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Daniel W. Armstrong, the Robert A. Welch Distinguished Professor in the UTA Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Daniel W. Armstrong, the Robert A. Welch Distinguished Professor in the UTA Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, has received an award for significant achievements in science and technology, and commitment to advance various aspects of science, education, and research.

Armstrong was presented with the Dow WesTEC 2018 Award for Distinguished External Leader in Science and Technology at Dow’s annual Western Canada Operations Technical Excellence Conference (WesTEC) on October 18 in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada.

The honor was given in recognition of Armstrong’s “lifelong achievements in science and technology and his unwavering commitment to advance various aspects of science, education and research,” according to WesTEC sponsor Jim Luong. The award was created in 2010 and recognizes an individual outside of Dow that the company feels best exemplifies the traits and values associated with its culture. Armstrong was invited to talk about his career experiences as distinguished guest speaker during the WesTEC conference.

“I was surprised and particularly gratified to receive this unique distinction as it is the only award given by Dow to a scientist outside of the company and because I am the first person from the United States to win it,” Armstrong said.

Armstrong has long been considered one of the world’s pre-eminent analytical chemists. His development of new methods for separating chemical mixtures in solution or as gas has led to advances in realms of science essential to pharmaceutical drug development and disease identification and treatment. He is considered the “father” of micelle and cyclodextrin-based separations and has over 700 publications, including 29 book chapters and 30 patents. The Scientific Citation Index named him as one of the world’s most highly cited scientists.

His research interests include gas and liquid chromatography; molecular recognition, especially chiral and isomeric; synthesis, characterization and use of ionic liquids; mass spectrometry; drug, environmental and food analysis; separation science; ordered media, including micelles and macrocyclic compounds; and enantiomeric separations.

“Dr. Armstrong has spent his career conducting groundbreaking research which has advanced analytical chemistry and the technology used in its application,” said Morteza Khaledi, dean of the UTA College of Science. “His commitment to his students has produced new generations of extremely well-trained scientists. Congratulations to him for this well-deserved honor.”

Armstrong was inducted to the National Academy of Inventors in 2014, was named a Fellow of the American Chemical Society in 2013, and was admitted as a Fellow of The Royal Society of Chemistry in 2009.

Among the many other awards Armstrong has received are the Wilfred T. Doherty Research & Service Award from the DFW Section of the American Chemical Society (2015); the ACS Award for Separation Science & Technology (2014); induction to the UTA Academy of Distinguished Scholars (2014); the UTA Distinguished Record of Research or Creative Activity Award (2012); the Dal Nogare Award for Separation Science (2005); and the ACS Award in Chromatography (1999).

He has also been named three times to The Analytical Scientist magazine’s Power List of the most influential scientists in the world (2013, 2015, 2017).

Armstrong came to UTA in 2006 after previous stops at Texas Tech University, University of Missouri-Rolla and Iowa State University. He received his Ph.D. in Bio-organic Chemistry from Texas A&M University in 1977.