The University of Texas at Arlington
College of Science
June 2019
Rajeshwar wins Electrochemical Society 2019 Electrodeposition Research Award
Krishnan Rajeshwar
Krishnan Rajeshwar, UTA Distinguished Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry, has received the Electrochemical Society’s 2019 Electrodeposition (ELDP) Research Award for his outstanding research contributions to the field of electrodeposition, including publication of high quality papers in the Journal of The Electrochemical Society. Read the story here.
Doctoral student Maldonado receives 2019 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Jose Maldonado

Jose Maldonado, a UTA doctoral student in biology, has received a prestigious 2019 Graduate Research Fellowship by the National Science Foundation. The award will support Maldonado’s dissertation research into why sexual — rather than asexual — reproduction evolved as the dominant form of reproduction. Read the story here.
Chemistry student Orr wins Sigma Xi
2019 Grants in Aid of Research award

Melissa Orr

Melissa Orr, a UTA chemistry student in the B.S. to M.S. fasttrack program, has received a prestigious Grants in Aid of Research award from Sigma Xi, an international honor society, to fund her study of the unique properties of rare-earth oxysulfides. Read the story here.
Chen co-authors study proposing use of nanoparticles to target cancer cells
Wei Chen
Wei Chen, UTA professor of physics, recently co-authored a paper in the journal Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine which advanced the idea of using titanium dioxide nanoparticles stimulated by microwaves to trigger the death of cancer cells without damaging the normal cells around them. Read the story here.
Psychology student Kokane receives travel awards to pair of conferences
Saurabh Kokane
Saurabh Kokane, a doctoral student in psychology, recently received travel awards to attend two conferences where he presented his research: (1) the 11th Annual Behavior, Biology, and Chemistry: Translational Research in Addiction conference in San Antonio, March 2-3; (2) the International Behavioral Neuroscience Society’s 28th annual meeting in Cairns, Queensland, Australia, June 23-27. Kokane’s faculty mentor is Linda Perrotti, associate professor of psychology.
Smith co-authors publication describing discovery of new frog species in India
The Micryletta aishani frog. Photo courtesy of Abhijit Das.
Eric Smith, associate professor of biology, co-authored a paper on the discovery of a new frog species from northeast India in the June 11 edition of the journal PeerJ. They named the frog Micryletta aishani, or “Northeast Indian paddy frog.” The frog is seasonal and active only during the early monsoon season in India. Read the PeerJ article, titled “A new species of Micryletta frog (Microhylidae) from Northeast India,” here.
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