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Information Security Office


Digital Piracy

Piracy is no longer limited to haggard sea-faring bandits in the Caribbean. The gold of today's digital "high seas" is information, and a legal battle rages night and day to protect that gold from eager plunder. Even as piracy grows in popularity around the world, the legal penalties for piracy remain dire. No matter how readily movies, music, and software can be downloaded, US law continues to prohibit such activity when it is engaged in without consideration for the copyright holder's privileges.

Users of UTA computer resources are advised that sharing copyrighted material is strictly prohibited, and that it is their duty to ensure that copyrighted material is not shared through the UTA network. Pirating of copyrighted material using UT Arlington resources (computer or network) can result in student expulsion or employee termination. Students found to engage in pirating or illegal file sharing will be reported to the Office of Student Conduct.  Faculty and staff found to engage in pirating or illegal file sharing will be reported to the Office of Institutional Compliance. 

UT Arlington Policy - Anti-Piracy

Legal Alternatives

As an active student, faculty, or staff of UT Arlington you have a plethora of access to various documents and publications via the services offered by the UT Arlington Library for official and academic use. 
UT Arlington Library
Academic resources such as Internet Archive.

Music Alternatives
Legal Pay Sites
- iTunes
- Amazon
- Google Play
Legal Free Sites
- Official artist sites and podcasts.
- Internet Radio such as, Yahoo Music, and Pandora
- Community driven sites such as AcidPlanet and GarageBand.

Video / TV / Movie Alternatives
- Public Domain archives such as PublicDomainFlicks.
- Official network sites.
- Free portals such as hulu.