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Information Security Office


What is BlazeWare?

BlazeWare is a convenient one-stop software and documentation distribution for active students, faculty, and staff provided by the Information Security Office.

It is our goal to keep BlazeWare up to date with the latest available software with three releases each year, coinciding with the start of the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.

Why BlazeWare?

Computer and information security is a community effort. Keeping your computer and network devices up-to-date and patched helps to keep the network safer and more reliable. It also has the added benefit of keeping your device running smoothly. All of the popular operating systems provide a mechanism to keep the operating system up-to-date; you just need to double check that it's working occasionally. The applications that are installed on your device need to be updated periodically as well, to keep your information safe and secure. Security can appear be a daunting idea, but the simplest and biggest impact you can have is to ensure that your devices are patched. 

The Information Security Office proudly presents a new edition of BlazeWare, the UT Arlington software and documentation distribution to assist you with your PC configuration and software installation. 

Some of what's included: 
  • tools that you'll find helpful to access and utilize technology services on campus
  • documentation, FAQs, tutorials, and how-to guides
  • software
  • links to other resources
Before installing any of the software on this disc, you must agree to the following terms:

  • This software is made available only for current UT Arlington Faculty, Staff and enrolled Students.
  • This software is for use on personal computers only.  If you need software installed on a UT Arlington owned asset, please contact the OIT Helpdesk.
  • This software is not to be copied, sold or redistributed.
  • This software must be uninstalled from your computer when your affiliation with the University has ended.

Downloading BlazeWare

Current version is Fall 2011.

You can download the latest version of BlazeWare in '.iso' format here.

The BlazeWare download is provided in '.iso' format.  An ISO file is a complete disc image and can be written to any blank CD-RW disc.  Windows users will need to have CD writing software as Windows does not natively handle the '.iso' format.  Common programs such as Nero, Roxio, DeepBurner or ISO Recorder will get the job done for you.  Check your program's documentation for exact directions on how to write an ISO file to CD.

BlazeWare Online

All the software contained on the BlazeWare CD is available for download.

Windows - Antivirus
Windows - Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Windows - Identity Finder
Windows - SSH
Windows - Student Mobile Printing
Windows - Adobe Reader

Mac - Antivirus
Mac - Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Mac - Identity Finder
Mac - Adobe Reader
Mac - Student Mobile Printing

Linux - Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Linux - Senf
Linux - Adobe Reader