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SecureDoc Encryption Annoucement

SecureDoc version 6.1 for Apple Macintosh OS X is now available. This version supports both Apple's FileVault2 ("SDFV") and SecureDoc Native ("SDNative") encryption. The distinctions between, and limitations of, SDFV and SDNative are as follows:

SDFV allows OS X updates, including version 10.8.3. However, SDFV does not support "autoboot" services that allow multiple unprovisioned users to log onto the encrypted computer. This is not ideal for computer lab environments or computers that are not frequently used by an individual (such as a department laptop that is checked out).  We recommend SecureDoc Filevault for situations where a computer is assigned to very few people.

SDNative allows "autoboot" services and is recommended for computer lab environments or computers that are not frequently used by an individual (such as a department laptop that is checked out). However SDNative does not guarantee that OS X updates are possible and currently is only certified to work on OS X 10.8.2.

In order to upgrade your Macintosh to SecureDoc Filevault 6.1 we recommend you call the OIT Help Desk at 2-2208 and a Desktop Support professional will schedule an appointment to do it for you. They will also upgrade your operating system to OS X 10.8.3.

If you wish to perform the encryption yourself, please be aware that this is a time consuming process and you may need the assistance of OIT.

Always perform a backup of your documents and files before you attempt to encrypt or decrypt a computer. Failure to follow this step will put you at risk for data loss.

Note that there are two installation packages available; one for SDFV and SDNative. The installation packages are available on the downloads website.

  • SDFV: To upgrade your Macintosh that has been encrypted with SDNative (all versions) to SDFV 6.1.x you will need to unencrypt it, install OS X 10.8.3 and then reencrypt it with the SDFV installation package. Do not use SecureDoc Filevault encryption if you plan to use the Macintosh for a lab or where you do not know who will be using it at any given time.
  • SDNative: To upgrade your Macintosh that has an earlier version of SDNative installed you can upgrade directly with the SDNative installation package. Do not use SecureDoc Native encryption if you want to run 10.8.3. We do, however, recommend that you upgrade your older operating system to 10.8.2. Desktop Support can assist you with this.

Call the OIT Help Desk at 2-2208 or send email to, if you have any questions or require assistance with this.