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How to Maintain Encryption Compliance


How to "Claim" an Orphan Device:

“Orphan” entries in isobridge:

Orphan entries in isobridge are caused when a device has two names in the isobridge system or due to assets not yet resoved to an asset tag number from the Asset Management List,  This can cause “old” names to remain in a department’s compliance listing showing non-Compliance.  To correct this do the following…

  1. Log-on to
  2. Either navigate to the “Orphans” tab under the Encryption Compliance and Management Section or do a Search for the Device’s asset tag number, click on the machine tab and note the two different names. See snapshot below:

    Picture of Search items from ISOBridge

  3. Click on the current (correct) Orphan name either in the orphan list or from the top set of machine names in the search results.  Scroll down and “claim the Orphan” by entering the Asset tag number.

    Picture showing where to enter asset number

  4. Perform the search a second time and if the “old name” should appear as an orphan name, please contact the ISO at so they can remove the old name from the list.

           Picture showing old name to be removed