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Information Security Office

Please Note: LOK-IT Drive End-of-Life.

Many of the LOK-IT drives previously supplied by UT System through the Information Security Office have had the batteries fail making the LOK-IT drives un-useable and unreliable.  The Information Security Office has a small number of replacement Apricorn Aegis Secure Key Encrypted drives available on a first come/first served basis to faculty, executive management and approved staff that request one.  To request a new Secure Key drive, please send an email to  More information on the Secure Drive may be found on the ISO's Aegis Secure Key web page.

More information on the Aegis Secure Key can be found on the ISO's Aegis Secure Key page

LOK-IT Encrypted USB Drives


LOK-IT Encrypted USB Drives are provided by UT System at no cost to University of Texas at Arlington faculty, executive management and approved staff to safely transport confidential data. The drives are protected by a 7-15 digit numerical PIN that the user creates on the drive, and must input, before it is plugged into a computer. The LOK-IT drive should not be used as primary storage for any content (your original documents must exist elsewhere).  To prevent hacking and data loss, the drive is wiped and all data will be lost after 10 consecutive failed attempts to enter a PIN.

Eligible UTA employees can only receive one LOK-IT device as supplies are limited. The total capacity of the drives is 4 GB. The drives remain the property of The University of Texas at Arlington, and must be returned to your department when employment has ended. In the event the drive is lost or stolen, the department must inform the Information Security Office (817-272-5487 or at and may be responsible for the replacement cost of the drive if one needs to be re-issued.

How to Request a LOK-IT drive

To request a LOK-IT drive please send an email to It may take up to two business days to process your request, after which you will receive an email on how your drive will be delivered or where to pick it up. In some cases, your ISA will make arrangements to request the drive on your behalf and will deliver it to you. 

LOK-IT Documentation

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions for more information on this program. Additional documentation on how to use the drive is available below. (NOTE: A simplified User Quick Start guide will be included with the delivery of the drive).