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Information Security Office


Network Monitoring

The University of Texas at Arlington, Information Security Office has network monitoring software and hardware devices in place that allows our Security Team to monitor inbound and outbound network communications.

Users of the UT Arlington computing network may be subject to computing audits in accordance with the Texas Public Information Act. University administration will provide any evidence of illegal computing activities to law enforcement officials such as (Campus Police, Local / State Police, FBI, CIA, Interpol).

UT Arlington Information Security Office regularly conducts scans to detect viruses and computing security risks. By using UT Arlington information resources you consent to these scans and may be required to disconnect your computer from the network if security risks are found. This applies to both work assigned and personal computers connected to the network. Owners of personal computers are responsible for ensuring that their systems are free of viruses before and during connection to the UT Arlington network.

Access to computing resources is often restricted to the specific needs of staff or faculty to conduct their appointed tasks. Access to sensitive information is limited and should be audited regularly to prevent access to unauthorized persons.

Installation of unauthorized software or hardware on UT Arlington computers is forbidden. If you have software or hardware that is necessary for a job related purpose, please consult with your technical support group before installation.