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Information Security Office


Did you know that your computer requires regular updates in order to keep it secure? Software, like Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Office, Adobe Flash, Oracle Java, Mozilla Firefox (and a whole lot more), require constant security updates as vulnerabilities are discovered. These vulnerabilities are usually caused by development oversight or programming error, and often turn into real information security threats when malicious hackers learn how to exploit them for criminal activity. Reputable software companies recognize these vulnerabilities and make fixes (or “patches”) available for you to download, and in most cases, the software will prompt you to download and install them.

Microsoft usually sends its patches on the 2nd Tuesday of every month, and others make them available whenever they’re ready. In the past few weeks various vulnerabilities have been discovered across different software (to include those listed above) for which patches have been issued. Please apply these patches whenever you’re prompted as doing so is not only essential to keeping your computer safe, but helps protect other computers on the UTA network.  If you require help with patching your computer, please contact the Help Desk at 817.272.2208. If you have questions about this notice, please send email to