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Information Security Office


Sensitive Data

As UT Arlington Faculty and Staff we are each responsible for assuring that UT Arlington employee and student information is protected to the best of our abilities. Student information is protected by Federal Law including (FERPA, HIPAA, and GLBA) to prevent disclosure of sensitive information to unauthorized entities.

Sensitive information may include SSN, Drivers License, credit / debit card numbers, photographs, passwords, email address, student / staff directory information (address, phone numbers, date / place of birth, major, classification, participation in officially recognized activities and sports, dates of attendance, weight and height of members of athletic teams, enrollment status, degrees and awards received and most recent previous school attended).

Some student directory information may be flagged at the request of the student as confidential and must not be disclosed. Before handling student data all UT Arlington faculty / staff must complete compliance training, login using your NetID and Password, click "Content" tab, click "OIT" folder, click "SSN Training", click the "URL for Viewing:" web link. Never transfer sensitive information by Email, FTP, or IMs!

Never store sensitive or confidential information on your office computer or laptop. Instead, store it on a secured network drive. If you must store confidential information on your computer, for business related reasons, be sure to encrypt the information. Contact UTA Helpdesk and technical support for assistance.If there is sensitive information on your computer and you suspect the computer has been compromised do not make any changes. Contact UTA Helpdesk immediately! Forward all Open Records Requests to Accounting and Business Services x22194.