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Information Security Office


Spam E-mail Information

Unsolicited e-mail, commonly known as "spam," is prohibited on university computing and network resources. This prohibition does not apply to official university communications.

The Rules and Regulations of the Board of Regents of the University of Texas have the force of law and prohibit commercial and non-commercial solicitation. This includes e-mail, fax, telephone or other display, distribution or communication of solicitation materials on campus in any manner.

In addition to the general prohibition against solicitation, The University of Texas at Arlington Acceptable Use Policy prohibits any person from using university computing and network resources for distribution of spam. Spam is defined as any unsolicited e-mail. For purposes of this policy, if the recipient did not ask for it, did not sign up on a mailing list and did not provide an e-mail address on a Web form specifically asking for information related to the content of the e-mail message, it is considered spam.

Please note that the electronic transmission and distribution of this unsolicited e-mail may also violate the provisions of the Texas Anti Spam Act (Chapter 46 of the Texas Business and Commerce Code, effective September 1, 2003) as well as other applicable State and Federal laws Violations of these State and Federal laws can possibly result in e-mail blocking, civil damages and criminal penalties.

Responding to the constant problem of spam and recognizing the challenges of reducing it, the Information Security office (ISO) continually investigates ways to prevent campus e-mail inboxes from becoming inundated with spam. The University's anti-spam system quarantines all  suspected spam from being delivered to your inbox. This quarantine allows you to view, release, or delete messages that are identified by the system as spam. To view the quarantine online use your UTA NetID to login at A summary of messages quarantined will periodically be sent to your e-mail inbox. The summary message contains links to view and release messages from your quarantine. We recognize that it is impossible to correctly identify all messages with 100% accuracy. Therefore, the quarantine is a beneficial tool that can be used to personally retrieve any misidentified messages.

Please note: The 'This is not Spam' button in the quarantine will release any selected email(s) and they will be delivered to your inbox. This does not mean that future emails from the same person will not be quarantined. Quarantine items do not need to be deleted, but can be if you desire. Anything more than 14 days old will automatically be purged from the quarantine. Each user's quarantine will automatically purge items from oldest to newest to keep the size under 100MB per user. The summary email will be delivered to each user every three days.

For further assistance please contact the OIT Help Desk.