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EPMA-1720HT Electron Probe Microanalyzer

The EPMA-1720HT is a versatile instrument for the non-destructive high precision quantitative analysis and high resolution imaging. The EPMA-1720HT has a high X-ray take-off angle of 52.5° to increase spatial resolution while reducing absorption effects for an increase in sensitivity, accuracy and resolution. Both the hardware and software of the EPMA incorporate the latest technologies for unprecedented performance with new functions that offer simple and easy-to-understand operation while supporting advanced analysis by experienced users. Common applications include: Materials Science, Mineralogy and Petrology, Palaeontology, Archaeology, Semiconductors, Forensics, Chemical/Petrochemical, Mining


  • High Sensitivity, High Accuracy, High Resolution, and Easy-to-Understand Operation

  • Optimum X-Ray Spectrometer Design Offers Highly Sensitive and Accurate Analysis

  • Unprecedented Easy Operation Boosts Work Efficiency from SEM Observation to Analysis