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Disco DAD3220 Automatic Dicing Saw, 160mm

The DAD3220 is a one spindle dicing saw capable of handling workpieces up to a maximum of ø6" or 6" square workpiece by special specification. The DAD3230 is designed for high performance and expandability, is ideal for processing such electronic component materials as glasses and ceramics.

Graphical User Interface for easy and intuitive operation. In addition, all models include auto-alignment, auto-focus, and auto-kerf check functions for enhanced productivity. The newly developed 1.5 kW spindle, standard on each model, features a shaft lock function for easier blade changes. A reduced-expansion spindle (option) is made with special expansion-resistant materials for even greater precisionduring processing.


Up to 160mm Workpiece Size

Pattern Recognition Camera w/auto alignment

Windows Operating System

GUI Interface (Touch Screen)v

Advanced Process Controls/ Analysis Tools

Accuracy: Single Step: 3um / 5mm

Cumulative Step: 5um / 160mm

320o theta rotation

1.5kW, Non Seizing, Air Bearing Syncro Spindle

2 inch standard blade.

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