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Electrical Test Station

Probe Station & Test Station


Probe Station

*Micromanipulator Model: 8060-US8-V0-1-A

*Manual 200 mm probe station

*8” Triaxial Chuck

*Microscope with 2X zoom and 50X Super Long Working Objective

*Light Tight Enclosure, Roll Top Doors

*Vibration isolation table, 30” x 36”

*Manipulator, left handed 100 TPI, W/90degree mt. (2)

*Manipulator, right handed 100 TPI, w/90degree mt (3)

Probe Holder, Triaxial, 8000, Set Screw (5)

Test Station

*Agilent Technologies Model: 4155C – Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer gilent Technologies Model: 4284A – Precision LCR meter 20Hz to 1MHz