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HP 4061A Test Station

The HP 4061A Semiconductor/Component Test System is a dedicated system for making efficient, automatic evaluation of the fundamental characteristics of semiconductor and electronic components required in R & D and production areas. This system employs reliable, accurate measurements and high speed data processing to perform more reliable evaluations with speed and less manpower. The HP 4061A is supplied with 7 sophisticated applications programs and is flexible in both software and hardware. Thus, the system can output measurement results in nearly any required data format.

The switching subsystem, designed especially for use with the HP 4061A, allows both impedance and current measurement without changing DUT connection. Using this new switching subsystem, and by making impedance measurements, the HP 4061A performs evaluation of Doping profile, Oxide capacitance, Flat band condition, Threshold voltage, Surface charge, and Minority carrier life time/surface generation velocity. The HP 4061A also measures leakage current and reverse/forward current-voltage characteristics. Surface state density evaluation, using both high (e.g., 1 MHz) and low frequency (Quasi-static) C-V measurements and data processing are also possible by making modifications to system software.

The system offers significant improvement in both yield and quality in production through fast and reliable measurements and evaluations. It is also a valuable evaluation tool for the development of new materials and devices. The HP 4061A provides the flexibility to meet the future measurement requirements of the electronics industry


Fully-automated with switching controller for current-voltage and capacitance-voltage scans

Shielded micromanipulator probe station for ultra low-noise measurements

Signatone shielded probe station with temperature-controlled chuck for high temperature scans

Vacuum chuck probe station for low-temperature measurements