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AJA ATC ORION Series Evaporation System

Evaporation Systems can be configured for high rate, low rate, multi-layer and co-deposition applications depending on the chamber, sources, substrate carrier and general configuration chosen. Proper power, crucible liner or boat material, soak, and XY sweep decisions must be made for each material to be evaporated to ensure the desired rates, stability and film characteristics. Typically materials with good heat transfer properties (eg. Al) do not require XY sweep but may require a liner (Au) wheras materials with poor thermal properties (Cr) tend to tunnel and spit unless the e-beam power is diffused with an XY sweep. Proper substrate fixturing is required to obtain the best uniformity.


UHV linear E-beam source

Quartz Crystal Thickness Monitor

Substrate Holder with the following features:

*accommodates substrates up to 6’’ diameter

*continuous motorized rotation (0-20 RPM) with controller

*radiant heating to 850 °C with quartz halogen lamp for samples up to 4’’, 300 °C for samples 4’’ – 6’’


Deposition Uniformity: better than +/- 2.5% over a 4” diameter wafer

Base Vacuum: better than or equal to 5.0×10-8 Torr

Pumpdown to 5×10-7 Torr in 30 minutes or less from clean dry and empty after N2 vent