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AJA ATC ORION Series Thermal Evaporation System

These systems are designed to deliver maximum performance and quality for limited budgets. Available in both HV and UHV versions, these units inherit many design features and common parts from the highly evolved ATC & ATC ORION sputtering tools and can be outfitted with single or multi-pocket, linear and rotary e-beam sources, thermal evaporation sources, ion / plasma sources, Knudsen cells, low temperature evaporation cells for organic materials, Radak Sources, and magnetron sputter sources. In addition, these systems are available with load-locks, QCM monitoring and control, heated or cooled substrate holders, planetaries, various pumping packages and automated control.


Thermal Evaporation Sources
(3) thermal evaporation sources with resistive molybdenum boats.
(2) 900W power supply with 2 way switchbox.
Quartz Crystal Thickness Monitor
Substrate Holder with the following features:

*accommodates substrates up to 6” diameter

*continuous motorized rotation (0-20 RPM) with controller

*radiant heating to 850 °C with quartz halogen lamp for samples up to 4”, 300 °C for samples 4” – 6”