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Home-Built Sputter System

Sputtering is a technique used to deposit thin films of a material onto a surface (a.k.a. "substrate"). By first creating a gaseous plasma and then accelerating the ions from this plasma into some source material (a.k.a. "target"), the source material is eroded by the arriving ions via energy transfer and is ejected in the form of neutral particles - either individual atoms, clusters of atoms or molecules. As these neutral particles are ejected they will travel in a straight line unless they come into contact with something - other particles or a nearby surface. If a "substrate" such as a Si wafer is placed in the path of these ejected particles it will be coated by a thin film of the source material.


* One three-inch RF magnetron sputter gun from Angstrom

* Sciences

* Two process gases with MFCs

* Substrates up to 4” diameter