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Technics Micro-RIE Series 800 Plasma System

The Technics Reactive Ion Etch system utilizes various components working in specific sequence to etch a thin film from a substrate or work piece. Reactive Ion Etching (RIE) combine plasma and ion beam removal of the surface of a substrate. The etching gas (as in plasma etch) enters the reaction chamber and is ionized by the application of an electric field such as RF Individual gas molecules are accelerated to the substrate surface. These charged particles remove the top layer of material by the combined efforts of mechanical and chemical reactions.


Etchable materials: silicon nitride, silicon dioxide, single crystal and poly silicon

Etch electrode: 9’’ diameter stainless steel, water cooled

RF Power: 200 Watts (variable), 30 kHz

Gases: Two channels with MFCs (mass flow controllers)