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The Minilock-Phantom III is the first RIE system in the industry to incorporate a vacuum load-lock on a compact platform. The system has been designed to meet all the safety and equipment needs for the most challenging processes including etch applications that require corrosive chemistries.

Because metal and compound semiconductor etch processes use corrosive chemistries and are often sensitive to atmospheric moisture, consistent results as well as safety depend upon isolating the reaction chamber from the atmosphere. In addition, when operating at lower pressure, maintaining reproducible results from run to run is impacted when the chamber is exposed to the atmosphere between each run. The Minilock- Phantom III solves these and other issues with its fully integrated load-locked delivery system.


Etching of InP, GaAs and AlGaAs

Substrate size: 4” diameter or smaller

Electrostatic chuck with backside helium cooling

Laser endpoint detection (Intellemetrics LEP 300)