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Bachelor of Social Work Program

Honors Degree Program

The UTA School of Social Work, in conjunction with the Honors College, offers the opportunity to earn an Honors Bachelor of Social Work.


Once admitted to the Honors College, to complete an Honors Degree in Social Work, students must acquire at least 24 hours of Honors coursework where a minimum of 12 hours are Social Work Honors courses at UTA as follows:

  • At least 3 of the Social Work Honors hours are in Research (SOCW 3308, a required course);
  • The remaining 9 hours in Social Work Honors may be completed by
    • Taking Honors-designated Social Work courses; or
    • Contracting with the instructor of non-Honors designated Social Work courses for an Honors project;
  • A Senior Project is completed as part of the required field internship experience.

For the remaining 12 hours outside of Social Work, students may "transfer in" Honors courses from another university or junior college. Students may also take other Honors courses at UTA toward this requirement (please contact the Honors College for eligibility of these courses).

Benefits available to Honors Students

  • Scholarships including the Bridge to Graduate School Fellowship toward funding the MSW
  • Early Registration (provided requirements are submitted by the deadline)
  • Priority field internship placement
  • Personalized attention/Academic Advising with the Director of Undergraduate Programs
  • Faculty/Student Interaction
  • Independent Research
  • Extended Library Privileges/Honors College Reading Room/Study Lounge
  • Computer Access in Honors College
  • Honors College Council
  • Informal Social Gatherings
  • Graduate School Preparation
  • Honors Symposia, Lecture Series and Artistic Presentations


Honors College admission is competitive. Honors candidates must fulfill at least one of the following criteria, as well as submit an essay on a topic that changes monthly:

  • Entering Freshmen: a combined Critical Reading and Math SAT score of 1270; an ACT score of 27; or top ten percent of high school class.
  • Currently enrolled or transfer students: 3.35 G.P.A.

Though you must meet the above criteria, admission is not based solely on grades or scores. The Admissions Committee looks for evidence in the application of strong analytic and imaginative abilities. A strong essay is an important consideration in the admission process.

The online application for admission to Honors College can be accessed at the Honors College website. For additional information, please contact Professor Pamela Johnson, MSW, LCSW Honors Liaison or Dr. Regina T. Praetorius, LMSW-AP, the School of Social Work, Director of Undergraduate Programs.