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Diversity Studies

Diversity Certificate Program

The Diversity Certificate Program (DCP)is an interdisciplinary certificate that provides undergraduate students the opportunity to gain specialized knowledge, values, and skills in racial and ethnic relations, gender and sexuality, and social and economic inequality, to advance themselves as successful employees and leaders in our global world.  The certificate enhances a student’s general education, academic major and/or career preparation.

Students selecting the Diversity Certificate must:

  • Complete the Diversity Studies Declaration Form;
  • Have a 2.5 GPA;
  • Complete 12 hours of coursework as follows (1 course per area):
    • A 3-hour designated introductory course, and
    • 9 hours of designated coursework in 3 areas
      • Racial and Ethnic relations,
      • Social and Economic Inequality, and
      • Gender and Sexuality
  • In addition, students complete a co-curricular component by attending campus events that highlight diverse identities and cultures.
  • Finally, students will have a final assessment at the end of their coursework to assess their learning outcomes.