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Diversity Studies

Diversity Studies Minor

The Diversity Minor is designed to strengthen students’ understanding of the interactions of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, social and economic inequality, disability, aging and religion in defining identity and social relationships. This interdisciplinary program of study focuses on key concepts related to power, identity, difference, and the historical and structural forces that shape power and difference in social relationships. The goal of the minor is to arm students with knowledge, skills, and perspectives essential to civic participation, career development and promoting a just society. The Diversity minor is relevant to careers involving diverse populations such as business, industry, education, social welfare, mental health, and health.

Students selecting this minor must:

  • Complete the Diversity Studies Declaration Form;
  • Have a 2.5 GPA;
    • A 3-hour designated introductory course, and
    • 15 hours of designated coursework chosen from 5 of 7 diversity content areas (1 course per content area):
      • Racial and Ethnic Relations,
      • Gender,
      • Sexuality,
      • Social and Economic Inequality,
      • Disability,
      • Aging, and
      • Religion.
  • Finally, students will have a final assessment at the end of their coursework to assess their learning outcomes.