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Faculty and Staff

Professors Emeriti

Rebecca Hegar

Rebecca L Hegar, Professor
Years Served: 1997-2018
Ph.D. in Social Work, Tulane University School of Social Work
MSSW in Social Work, University of Texas at Austin
BA in Political Science/English Literature, University of Texas at Austin
Areas of Expertise: Child Welfare, Kinship Care, Supervision and Mid-level Management, Social Work History, Social Work and Law

Fran Danis

Fran Danis, Associate Professor
Years Served: 2008-2014
Ph.D. in Social Welfare, Case Western Reserve University
MSW in Social Welfare, Stony Brook University, New York
BS, Stony Brook University, New York
Areas of Expertise: Domestic and sexual violence, crime victim services, resiliency of abuse survivors

Doreen Elliott

Doreen Elliott, Professor
Years Served: 1986-1987 and 1988-2014
Ph.D. in Social Work, University of Wales, Cardiff, UK
Advanced Diploma in the Educational Rehabilitation of Young People, University of London, England
BA Honors in History, University of London, England
Areas of Expertise: International Social Work, Social Development, Human Rights and Social Justice, Human Migration, Social Work Education

Don Granvold

Don Granvold, Professor
Years Served: 1975-2013
Ph.D. in Social Foundations of Education, Education Department University of Iowa
MSW in Social Work, School of Social Wok,  University of Iowa
BA in Social Studies, Graceland College
NASW Social Work Pioneer

Ski Hunter

Ski Hunter, Professor
Years Served: 1971-2013
Ph.D. in Social Work, Ohio State University
MSW in Social Work, San Diego State University
MS in Psychology, North Texas State University
BA in Political Science, North Texas State University

Thomas D. Watts

Thomas D. Watts, Professor
Years Served: 1974-2012
Ph.D. in Social Work, Tulane University
MSW, Arizona State University
BA in History, Wichita State University
Areas of Expertise: Social welfare policy and services, comparative and international social welfare and Urban Native Americans


Richard Schoech, Professor
Years Served: 1977-2012
Ph.D., University of Texas at Arlington
M.S.S.W., University of Texas at Arlington
B.A., Psychology, University of Texas, Austin
Area of Expertise: Human services information and communication technology, care giver support systems, gamification.


Joan R. Rycraft, Associate Professor
Years Served: 1995-2011
Ph.D., University of Denver, Denver, Colorado
Masters of Social Work , California State University, Fresno, California
B.A., Social Welfare and Corrections, California State University, Chico, California
Area of Expertise: Research, administration, child welfare and youth policy.


Santos H. Hernández, Professor
Professor Emeritus & Dean Emeritus Years Served: 1998-2011
Ph.D., University of Denver
M.S.S.W., Our Lady of the Lake University of San Antonio
B.A., Our Lady of the Lake University of San Antonio
Area of Expertise: International social work, cross cultural social work practice, mental health and generalist social work practice.


Wayne D. Duehn, Professor
Years Served: 1970-2008
Ph.D., Washington University
M.S.W., Loyola University
B.A., North Central College
Area of Expertise: Child and Vulnerable Adult Sexual Abuse, Adoption and Foster Care, Human Sexuality, Sex Offender Assessment and Treatment
NASW Social Work Pioneer


James W. Callicutt, Professor
Years Served: 1967-2007
Ph.D., Brandeis University
M.S.S.W., University of Tennessee
B.S., Memphis State College
Area of Expertise: Mental health policy, Social work education
NASW Social Work Pioneer


Charles H. Mindel, Professor
Years Served: 1976-2006
Ph.D., University of Illinois, Urbana
M.A., University of Illinois, Urbana
B.A., State University of New York at Stony Brook
Area of Expertise: Research, Statistics and Program Evaluation


Nazneen S. Mayadas, Professor
Years Served: 1972-2006
D.S.W., Washington University
M.S.S.W., Western Reserve University
M.A., University of Allahabad
B.A., University of Lucknow (India)
Area of Expertise: International Social Work, Group Work and Social Development
NASW Social Work Pioneer


Pedro J. Lecca, Professor
Years Served: 1979-1995
Ph.D., University of Mississippi
M.S., Long Island University
B.S., Fordham University
Area of Expertise: Health Care and Health Care Management


M. Coleen Shannon, Professor
Years Served: 1970-2001
Ph.D., Texas Woman’s University
M.S.W., Tulane University
B.A., Texas Christian University
Area of Expertise: Biofeedback and Stress Management


Peter G. Gaupp, Professor
Years Served: 1967-1993
Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh
M.S.S.W., University of Texas, Austin
B.S., Southwestern University
Area of Expertise: Health Care Planning and Policy and Social Welfare Research


John J. Litrio, Professor
Years Served: 1968-1987
M.S.W., Fordham University
B.S., Syracuse University
Area of Expertise: Human Behavior


Fernando G. Torgerson, Professor
Dean Emeritus Founding Dean Years Served: 1967-1977
Ph.D., Social Work, University of Minnesota
M.S., Social Work, Columbia University
B.A., Education, State Teachers College, Minot, North Dakota
Area of Expertise: Health Care Administration and Workforce in Social Welfare Organizations