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Social Work Alumna Receives Doctoral Award for Dissertation Research

Dr. Arati Maleku
Dr. Arati Maleku

The School of Social Work is proud to announce Dr. Arati Maleku’s recent award from the Society for Social Work and Research.

Dr. Maleku, a 2015 alumna from the School of Social Work,  received honorable mention for her dissertation entitled "The Social Determinants of Immigrant Well-Being in the United States: A Gendered Perspective."

Through a complex survey analysis of the California Health Interview Survey (CHIS) 2012, Maleku's dissertation examines the overlapping effects of structural vulnerabilities that arise from an individual's position in a society characterized by gender, race/ethnicity, class, age, and marital status on the well-being of immigrants in the United States.

Her dissertation is significant in expanding theoretical and methodological advancement of health equity research, providing critical implications for social determinants of health frameworks, and policy implications for data disaggregation.

The Society for Social Work and Research recognized the significance of the problem addressed in Maleku's research, the rigor of her analysis, and her contribution to knowledge in social work and social welfare.

Award recipients of the Outstanding Social Work Doctoral Dissertation Award demonstrate high standards in social work research and scholarship. The purpose of the honor is to encourage the design and conduct of quality research by doctoral-level social workers, to recognize the authors of such studies, and to provide them with a professional conference venue to present findings from their study.

The Outstanding Social Work Doctoral Award will be presented to Dr. Maleku on January 16, 2016 at the Society for Social Work and Research's annual conference in Washington, DC.

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