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Reproductive rights advocate

Dr. Vijayan Pillai
Dr. Vijayan Pillai

Professor Vijayan Pillai was recently invited to speak at the Institute of Social Investigations at the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon​ in Monterrey, Mexico. Pillai spoke about how ensuring women's reproductive rights in developing countries is fundamental to developing healthcare delivery systems that can improve their health. The talk in Mexico was in connection with the 15th year celebration of the institute on Nov. 25. 

Pillai, who is an internationally-recognized women's rights and reproductive health expert, was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health in the United Kingdom in February. The multi-disciplinary organization is one of the oldest public health societies in the world. Its membership is world-wide. 

Pillai's passion for women's health came after he lost his sister in 1976 after she died while giving birth in India. In August, the International Consortium for Social Development unanimously elected Pillai for a presidential award as a distinguished senior scholar. The award is for making an outstanding contribution to social development and welfare education in the Asia-Pasicifc region and beyond. The organization works on intervention strategies on a global scale. 

Pillai also participated in a global lecture in Sri Lanka as a Prof. David Cox International Social Work lecture awardee this fall. The lecture was intituted in recogniztion of the adjunct professor it was named for who teaches social work at the School of Social Work and Social Policy, La Trobe University​, Melbourne​.

​​Pillai has taught at UTA's School of Social Work since 1999. ​

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