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Professors Receive Recognition as Mentors to Women Students

Dr. Noelle Fields and Vivian Miller
Dr. Noelle Fields and Vivian Miller

Dr. Noelle Fields and Dr. Catheleen Jordan were recognized and honored as mentors through the Council on Social Work Education’s Council on the Role and Status of Women in Social Work Education Mentor Recognition Program at the CSWE Annual Program Meeting Conference held in Dallas Oct. 21. The Mentor Recognition Program honors mentors who make a difference and supports the activities of the CSWE Women’s Council.

UTA Social Work doctoral student Vivian Miller recognized Dr. Fields writing that she “serves as an incredible, influential mentor while I am in my third year as a social work doctoral student. Dr. Fields’ friendly, yet professional-approach, in addition to her research focus, was a strong determining factor in my choice in attending UTA. Her continual dedication to my education, Dr. Fields’ contributes to social work education as supervisor, coordinator, and lead Co-PI on an IDT project overseeing the participation of three MSW-level women students and three doctoral-level women students. Dr. Fields’ continues to contribute to scholarship, working consistently with other women professors at UTA. Finally, Dr. Fields’ continues to encourage and empower me to become the best version of myself, as an up and coming gerontology-focused social work scholar. Overall, Dr. Fields deserves recognition as she plays a very important role in my work and my life.”

UTA alumna, Dr. Vikki Vandiver, dean and professor of the School of Social Work at the University of Alabama, recognized Dr. Jordan writing that she “stands among the rock stars of social work scholars and educators as one of the most generous and sharing mentors a profession could ever have. Over the course of her 32 years in academia, I can honestly say she has launched the careers of hundreds of women (and men) students, fellow colleagues and community practitioners and I am/was one of those lucky women. I would not be where I am today were it not for Dr. Jordan. She modeled grace and dignity in every encounter and has remained a constant force in my professional and personal life 25 years later. Although I was never her student in the classical sense, I was definitely a student of the important lessons of how to work together, women helping women. I was inspired by her. My career path can be tied directly back to her early influences and she is always nurturing other peoples professional development and doing so in a manner of quiet, elegant grace.”

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