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Innovative Community Academic Partnership (iCAP)

Since 2010, a wide variety of Tarrant County area social service agencies have partnered with UT Arlington faculty members to submit proposals to iCAP. Each proposal supports a specific project that contains a program component and a research component. Specific outcomes are determined for both the program and the research over the course of approximately one year. The goal is to explore innovative intervention strategies in local programs while conducting research of national interest, which will also result in strengthening the capacity and effectiveness of social service programs. iCAP funding supports 3-5 projects annually – supporting the most compelling proposals as determined by an independent national review panel.

With gifts to date of $1.5million from the Amon G. Carter Foundation and $1.1million from the Harold Simmons Foundation. The purpose of the iCAP is to foster high-quality projects that generate innovative, sustainable interventions, programs, treatments and strategies that will enhance well-being, using robust university-community partnerships. Such partnerships, often involving interdisciplinary teams on the university side, with potential for crossing sector (i.e., non-profit, public and for-profit) lines in the community, by their nature stimulate innovative approaches to social problems, as well as bringing to bear the diverse skills, knowledge and tools of the various collaborators. Thus, part of the innovation of the iCAP program rests in the way that ideas are generated and implemented. Such collaborations are also critical to the sustainability of iCAP projects after the initial funding period is over.