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Innovative Community Academic Partnership (iCAP)

Strategic Plan Map

Strategic planning is an important task that iCAP recognizes as necessary on both a macro- and micro-level for sustainability of our center, as well as for our community partners.  Change is constant in social services as the needs of children, families, the larger community, and human service agencies evolve.  In the past, only large  corporations conducted strategic planning, but now it is necessary for survival for most entities.  Organizational leaders must be forward thinking, anticipate changes, and have in place evaluation procedures and solid evidence-based practices in order to deliver quality services.

At a micro view, the level of any individual agency, strategic planning provides purpose and direction. Staff need to know what you do, who your target population is, and how you compete. Agencies that serve children and families are encouraged to contact iCAP to determine the possibilities for collaboration.  The links on the left explain iCAP’s vision, mission, and strategic planning.