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Student Research

Abstract Submission Form

Abstract Submission Form

How to Make A Research Poster

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Other GRA Opportunities

When funding is available, individual faculty members are able to hire Social Work students to work on their individual research projects. This is a unique experience for both undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in research that provides hands on experience in various research settings under the guidance and direction of an experienced researcher. Funding opportunities are available on a rolling basis and will be posted under the GRA Job Announcements.

Links for Assigned GRAs

McNair Scholars

McNair Scholars

The McNair Scholars Program is designed to prepare qualified UT Arlington undergraduates for graduate study culminating in the Ph.D.

McNair Scholars Application

I Engage Mentoring

I Engage Logo

The Office of Graduate Studies' I Engage Mentoring (IM) program provides funding for doctoral and doctoral-bound students to gain teaching and mentoring experience by serving as a research mentor to a UT Arlington undergraduate.

Apply for I Engage

Working as a GRA isn't just another job. It's a chance to build your CV and your research skills while under the mentorship of a professor who both appreciates your assistance and wants to see you grow as a scholar. I approached my GRA assignment as an opportunity to be mentored, and it really paid off.
Mary McCoy

Mary McCoy, PhD Research Assistant

Being a GRA has helped me with learning more about the research process of Social Work and it's significance to the field. Being a GRA also allowed me the opportunity to network with the Social Work Community and other professionals involved in the maintenance and growth of the field. I gained a sense of belonging to the field and a deep desire to contribute to the research base. I believe that the knowledge gleaned from my experience from working as a GRA has helped me to grow as a professional and as a person.
A'Donna Faciane

A'Donna Faciane, Former MSW Research Assistant

The many different aspects of research can make the process seem daunting to tackle. The skills I learned during my experience as a graduate research assistance helped my not only with my present research, but will also help with my future research quests. I feel that taking part in any type of research experience during graduate school is essential as a building block for future scholastic goals.
Brian Davis

Brian Davis, Former MSW Research Assistant

My experience as a GRA provided me the opportunities to expand my research skills and statistical knowledge. Papers I have helped write as a GRA are headed to publication and have increased my marketability when looking for employment.
Marcus Crawford

Marcus Crawford, Research Assistant

From the start of my school career, research had always sounded like an intimidating career path to get into, but after having had the opportunity to be a Graduate Research Assistant...I have gained a great amount of knowledge and experience performing clinical human subject research and learning data management techniques. I was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to work alongside a great research team and gain insight in a subject as interesting as research!
Jovana Valdez

Jovana Valdez, Research Assistant

I never thought I would be interested in doing research, but I had the opportunity to be a Graduate Research Assistant and I took it. I love it!
Monica Lechuga

Monica Lechuga, Research Assistant