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Travel Procedures

Before you travel:

  1. Fill out request for travel authorization at least 2 weeks prior to travel:
    You must use the actual dates traveling. If your dates change, please provide this information as soon as it’s available as it must be updated in UT Share.
  2. Booking travel:
    UTA allows travel to be booked through two agencies; Concur or Anthony Travel. Please see for more detailed information on both. Any flights purchased on their own will not be reimbursed. If traveler is taking additional days using personal time prior to or after business purposes, a quote must be requested for actual business dates and any additional charge must be reimbursed to UTA.
    • Concur (CTP):, 866-366-1142
    • Anthony Travel: 800-684-2044 or
    • If traveling within the state of Texas, travelers may use their own vehicles to travel within 5 hours of driving time. For travel over that timeframe traveler must provide a cost comparison of rental car/ airfare vs. personal car and utilize the cheaper
  3. Check and follow the per diem rates:
  4. Traveler may use a travel website, Expedia, Travelocity to book hotels. If doing so, you will still need to request a print out as proof of stay. If using a travel website, invoice must also show a breakdown of taxes/fees charged. If traveling in the State of Texas, traveler should take a Texas Hotel Tax Exempt form with them, we will not reimburse for State Tax if charged.

During your trip:

  1. Keep any and all receipts.
  2. Follow your Per Diem daily rate.
  3. Fill out tax exemption form:

After your trip:

  1. Fill out and submit your expense report as soon as possible but no later than 60 days after the last date of travel. Expense reports submitted 90 days after the last day of travel may not be reimbursed by the University.
    • When submitting your receipts for reimbursement after your trip, please tape them to full size sheets of paper for scanning. If flying, please turn in your "eInvoice" from Corporate Travel Planners for your airfare as well.
    • If attending a conference, include conference agenda, conference at a glance.
    • Include Mapquest printouts for any mileage claims (excluding headquarters to the airport)
    • Include GSA Printout for City, State you are traveling to found at
    • The $5 incidental fee above is reimbursable for porters/baggage handlers, just indicate the date and service on a separate sheet of paper for reimbursement.
    • If you stayed in a conference hotel whose rate is higher than allowed, please print screen from conference website indicating hotel and rate. If staying at a hotel whose rate is higher than the per diem rate, traveler will only be reimbursed the lower rate and taxes will be adjusted as well.

Travel Contact

Connie Quintana

Connie Quintana
Accountant III


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