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Commencement Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the application to graduate and the RSVP form the same thing?
A: No, they are two different forms. Application to graduate is completed in MyMav and is submitted to the Office of Records and Registration to let them know you plan to graduate, how you would like to receive your degree, and you pay a fee. This is not processed by the School of Social Work. 

The RSVP form located in the SSW Commencement website must be submitted to participate in the ceremony. Completing this form before the deadline allows you to access guest tickets for the ceremony. This is processed by the School of Social Work.

Q: How do I send my application to graduate?
A: Go to the commencement website and click on the link "Graduation Application”. The deadline information and instructions on how to apply is listed.

Q: How do I send my RSVP to attend the Commencement Ceremony?
A: Go to the SSW Commencement website and click on the RSVP form, complete and submit before the given deadline. Only those who submit their RSVP before the deadline will receive ticket information in their MavsMail account.

Late RSVP submissions will not receive ticket information in their MavsMail account. Also, you will not be able to receive the max amount of tickets as those who have RSVP’d on time. Incorrect email addresses will not be processed so be sure it is correct.

Q: I have special needs, how do I let you know?
A: If a graduate candidate has special needs, please include the information in the RSVP form. Give us as much information needed so we can accommodate your needs. We need as much time as possible, so please let us know immediately.

Q: If I have a family member or guest who has special needs, who do I contact?
A: If you have a guest who has special needs, they can speak to staff at The College Park Center's Guest Relations kiosk which is inside the building on the right side of the lobby.

Q: How do I get tickets for my family and friends to attend the Commencement Ceremony?
A: Go to the SSW Commencement website and fill out the RSVP Form. Those students who complete and submit the form before the deadline will receive an email from the University on the designated date with instructions and the link to obtain their tickets.

Q: How many tickets do we get for the Commencement Ceremony?
A: Go to the SSW Commencement website and go to the Ticket Information link. There is a link for ticket distribution information. Click on the link which will direct you to the UTA Commencement ticketing information. This information will be updated two months before the ceremony

Q: I have been having trouble logging into my Mavs e-mail. What do I do?
A: Call the Office of Information Technology (OIT) at 817-272-2208. They will help you with your computer needs.

Q: Where do I get my cap and gown?
A: Students purchase their regalia (cap and gown) from the UTA Bookstore.

Q: How do I order my Invitations or Announcements?
A: You can order your invitations or announcements from Jostens at Also, a Jostens representative will be at the UTA Bookstore on certain dates to take orders and answer questions. The dates will be posted on the UTA Bookstore website.

Q: What do we wear during the ceremony?
A: All students must wear regalia (cap and gown). Appropriate business attire should be worn underneath the gowns.

Ladies are encouraged to wear comfortable shoes. There will be a lot of standing, walking, and ramps. Everyone needs to keep up the pace.

Q: Can I wear my 5 inch heels?
A: It would be better to leave those shoes for the graduation party. It is preferred that ladies wear comfortable shoes for a lot of standing and walking. The ceremony is on a timeline, so everyone needs to keep up in the procession/recession.

Q: What time and where do the graduating students enter the College Park Center?
A: Those walking in the commencement ceremony will enter the building at Gate 1 located on Spaniolo Dr./Pecan St.Pecan St. one (1) hour early.

Q: Where can I leave my purse and other personal items?
A: You should leave purses or valuables at home or arrange for one of your guests to keep personal belongings. We are not responsible for items left in the line-up area. If you carry items into the ceremony, you should plan to take them with you when crossing the stage. It is possible you may not return to the same seat afterwards.

DO NOT bring cell phones. Using cell phones and/or text messaging is NOT allowed during the ceremony.