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This is an archive page. Please see our new Strategic Plan | 2025 website for the most updated content

UTA is rapidly becoming the model for what a 21st-century urban research university should be. This strategic plan, with its four broad themes, crystallizes this model and sets a path to unprecedented excellence in research, teaching and community engagement. Watch Video


Today’s megacities and those of tomorrow pose a need for bold solutions on a global scale. The University of Texas at Arlington is uniquely positioned to address the epic challenges that face these swelling urban regions. By leveraging our expertise in the critical areas above, the University is poised to help emerging megacities like the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex become sustainable economic and cultural centers that raise the prospects for prosperity and enhance quality of life.

We have begun an aggressive transition from the planning phase to the implementation phase of this strategic plan, having already achieved many of the key initiatives the plan sets forth. It has become a living, dynamic manifesto with targeted metrics that we will continuously measure to assess progress toward our lofty goals.