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This is an archive page. Please see our new Strategic Plan | 2025 website for the most updated content

UTA is destined to become a pre-eminent university that sets high standards of excellence for others to follow. To guide the way, the University has developed a strategic plan that leverages our expertise and presents opportunities to benefit society in meaningful ways.

The “Bold Solutions, Global Impact” strategic plan identifies over-arching themes in the areas of health and the human condition,  sustainable urban communities, global environmental impact, and data-driven discovery.

Complementing the four themes are six guiding aspirations that, when fulfilled, will enable UTA to become the intellectual heart of the community and a leader in the discovery, integration, and application of knowledge.

The plan also features six operational priorities and eight Maverick imperatives. When examined within the context of our guiding aspirations, these building blocks will help the University chart a course of action and define our future while following the principles of community.