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UTA treasures the responsibility of creating innovative partnerships that spawn fresh approaches to community engagement. To ensure success in the 21st century, we must continue to ambitiously expand our influence locally and globally. By doing so, we become an integral societal partner and a valuable resource for our neighbors near and far.


 Increase coordinated efforts to link existing programs to public, corporate, and nonprofit entities.
Related Aspiration: Leverage our location through Collaboration

 Develop new study abroad programs that address the needs and desires of lifelong learners.
Related Aspiration: Faculty Excellence

 Increase innovative continuing professional educational opportunities that respond to the needs of our corporate and community partners both regionally and globally.
Related Aspiration: Leverage Our Location Through Collaboration

 Increase and recognize participation in community organizations and decision-making bodies.
Related Aspiration: Leverage Our Location Through Collaboration

 Incentivize efforts to bring community experts into the University environment.
Related Aspiration: Leverage Our Location Through Collaboration

 Develop new projects, services, and products that meet the needs of international populations.
Related Aspiration: Global Engagement

 Provide on-site and online courses and professional education for the global community.
Related Aspiration: Global Engagement