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This is an archive page. Please see our new Strategic Plan | 2025 website for the most updated content

To empower the work of faculty, staff, and students, UTA is committed to providing the best physical infrastructure and the latest technological advancements. Such dramatically improved resources help attract the best and the brightest minds while advancing research, academic achievement, and campus life.


 Build state-of-the-art research and scholarship facilities on campus.
Related Aspiration: Enhance Research

 Optimize administrative processes by developing and sharing best practices.
Related Aspiration: Enhance Research

 Transform classroom and residence hall spaces to enhance collaboration.
Related Aspiration: Transform Student Experience

 Collaborate with local entities to improve facilities, technologies, and computational power that support innovative research, continuing education, and professional education.
Related Aspiration: Leverage Our Location Through Collaboration

 Increase access to space and technologies used for creation and prototyping.
Related Aspiration: Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Creativity

 Build an executive education and conference center to draw academic, professional, and cultural events to the campus.
Related Aspirations: Leverage Our Location Through Collaboration and Global Engagement

 Increase spaces and opportunities to display, perform, or publish creativity/innovation.
Related Aspiration: Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Creativity

 Lead efforts to better connect the University to the surrounding community through bike lanes and mass transit.
Related Aspiration: Global Engagement