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To ensure an informed and engaged global citizenry, UTA offers lifelong learning opportunities to help individuals achieve their personal and professional goals. We provide broad access to innovative educational programs so that no matter where learners are in their educational journey, they are empowered to keep pace with a rapidly changing world.


 Increase the number of programs (degrees, certificates, etc.) in high-demand areas.
Related Aspiration: Transform Student Experience

 Increase innovative continuing professional educational opportunities that respond to the needs of our corporate and community partners both regionally and globally.
Related Aspiration: Leverage Our Location Through Collaboration

 Provide on-site and online courses and continuing education for the global community.
Related Aspiration: Global Engagement

 Develop and host on-site/virtual conferences on topics of interest to external audiences.
Related Aspiration: Global Engagement

 Create a community of entrepreneurs by providing opportunities for training.
Related Aspiration: Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Creativity

 Prepare graduates with the skills and vision to adapt to and excel in a changing world.
Related Aspiration: Transform Student Experience