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Maverick Imperatives

Be Progressive
Educate Beyond the Classroom
UTA embraces a hands-on approach to learning that makes students an active partner in discovery.
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Be Empowering
Create Lifelong
Educational Paths
To ensure an informed and engaged global citizenry, UTA offers lifelong learning opportunities to help individuals achieve their personal and professional goals.
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Be Responsible
Ensure Student Success
UTA is committed to helping students achieve their full potential.
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Be Wise
Cultivate Faculty and Staff
UTA is dedicated to attracting, nurturing, and retaining world-class faculty and staff who are aligned with our vision of becoming the model 21st-century urban research university.
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Be Pioneering
Transform Research Capabilities
UTA values its role in the discovery process.
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Be Ambitious
Serve the Community
Near and Far
UTA treasures the responsibility of creating innovative partnerships that spawn fresh approaches to community engagement.
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Be Daring
Reimagine Infrastructure
To empower the work of faculty, staff, and students, UTA is committed to providing the best physical infrastructure and the latest technological advancements.
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Be Creative
Be THE Innovation Destination
This over-arching Maverick Imperative embodies all aspects of UTA.
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UTA is distinguished by excellence and access through scholarship, collaboration, innovation, and creativity. To bring our Guiding Aspirations to reality, the University has identified eight Maverick Imperatives. These imperatives comprise the core of the UTA educational experience and provide a framework for the strategies that will help us achieve pre-eminence on a global scale. Each strategy corresponds to one or more of the six Guiding Aspirations.