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UTA values its role in the discovery process. Our researchers enhance lives and make the world a better place through thoughtful, diligent, and collaborative exploration. Within an environment of pioneering investigation, we seek breakthroughs that will drive the economy and offer hope for generations beyond our own.


 Expand and enhance existing research, scholarship, and creative capability on campus.
Related Aspiration: Enhance Research

 Grow and diversify extramural funding.
Related Aspiration: Enhance Research

 Create and support opportunities for faculty company spinoffs.
Related Aspiration: Enhance Research

 Increase research, scholarship, and creative collaboration with for-profit and nonprofit organizations in North Texas.
Related Aspiration: Leverage Our Location Through Collaboration

 Partner with global corporations that have Texas connections to collaborate on research.
Related Aspiration: Global Engagement

 Increase funding and opportunities for student research participation in research, scholarship, and creative activity.
Related Aspiration: Enhance Research

 Increase the integration of faculty research and creative works into the scholarly output of their peers and students.
Related Aspiration: Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Creativity