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UTA embraces a hands-on approach to learning that makes students an active partner in discovery. By emphasizing outside-the-classroom experiences such as research opportunities, internships, clinical placements, and service-learning endeavors, we progressively prepare our students to succeed in their chosen fields.


 Increase experiential learning through internships, service learning, and undergraduate research.
Related Aspirations: Transform Student Experience and Leverage Our Location Through Collaboration

 Expand efforts to create a more engaged and involved sense of community both inside and outside the classroom.
Related Aspiration: Transform Student Experience

 Increase funding and opportunities for student participation in research, scholarship, and creative activity.
Related Aspiration: Enhance Research

 Provide opportunities and resources for students to study abroad and to complete fieldwork internationally.
Related Aspiration: Global Engagement

 Foster relationships and networking opportunities between students, faculty, and staff, and community entrepreneurs and industry leaders.
Related Aspiration: Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Creativity