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This is an archive page. Please see our new Strategic Plan | 2025 website for the most updated content

Operational Priorities

Undergraduate Education
UTA is committed to providing unparalleled access and experiences to prepare students for the workforce and lifelong education.
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Graduate Education
UTA is committed to educating graduate students to provide leadership and extend the frontiers of knowledge in their disciplines.
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Professional/Continuing Education Globally
UTA is committed to providing access to continuing and professional education to ensure an engaged citizenry and to expand the University’s impact.
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Research and Economic Development
UTA is committed to enhancing productivity in research, scholarship, and creative activity to catalyze economic development for the region and state.
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Faculty and Staff
UTA is committed to becoming a university of choice by nurturing the best faculty and staff who are inspired by aspirations to create a model 21st-century urban university.
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Infrastructure and Resources
UTA is committed to dramatically improving its resources through existing and new revenue streams.
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Outstanding students, dedicated faculty and staff, and state-of-the-art facilities are among the pillars of all great universities. These vital components combined with a resolute commitment to research, economic development, and lifelong learning comprise UTA’s operational priorities. Examining these building blocks within the context of our guiding aspirations will help us chart a course of action and define our future.