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President's Message

President Karbhari

Bold Solutions—Global Impact. These two phrases, a tagline if you will, describe in many ways the past, present, and future of The University of Texas at Arlington. We have always been a university known for the commitment of our faculty to enabling the dreams of our students through personalization while simultaneously being dedicated to the discovery and dissemination of new knowledge. When innovation meets personal touch, wonderful things can happen. At UTA, this has resulted in a transformative education for thousands of students on the one hand and deeply impactful research ranging from the very fundamental to that which has found application in resolving a critical issue immediately on the other. Whether it’s the use of digital delivery of instruction to enhance access, the use of Shakespeare-reciting robots to improve the psychological well-being of older adults, or the development of “cancer traps” and novel nanotechnologies, our faculty are at the forefront of innovation, the impact of which is not just in the local area, but throughout our nation and across the globe.

We are a University of IDEAS; a place known for its deep-rooted commitment to the ideals of Innovation, Diversity, Excellence, Access, and Student Success. These ideals are often topics of intense discussion across academe and in government circles, with the underlying presumption that advances in some automatically result in decreases in the attainment of others, or that the attainment of some is intrinsically in conflict with that of others. At a time when there is more need than ever before for access to the benefits of education through institutions of higher education, many universities have focused on enrolling only the very top rung of high-achieving students to ensure success.

At UTA, our faculty are committed to access, opening our doors to those who desire to learn and who are committed to using education as a means of bettering their own lives—and through that, impacting the futures of their families and the communities in which they reside and work. The growing reputation of our University—as evidenced by increases in ranking and enhanced employability of our graduates—combined with the awarding of over 12,500 degrees in AY 2016-17, a majority of which are in areas of high workforce need and the attainment of which was predicated by efforts after arrival at the University rather than by metrics of prior achievement, simultaneous with an increase in research expenditures to over $93 million not only demonstrates that excellence can be achieved without sacrificing access, but also that this can indeed happen at a Carnegie R-1 institution. UTA is a clear example of an institution where membership in an elite group does not mean being elitist, where diversity and inclusion are intrinsic aspects that we hold dear, and that research excellence does not come at the cost of loss in excellence in our teaching mission or the personal touch through which we ensure that each student, irrespective of background, becomes a cherished member of the Maverick family.

Bold solutions are developed every day by our faculty, staff, and students. Through them, UTA is having a global impact, be it through the education of students from across the globe, the delivery of training and knowledge to populations in far-away nations, or the impact of our groundbreaking research in the theme areas of our Strategic Plan. As I look through the accomplishments of the University—our students, faculty, and staff—over the most recent six months and over the past four years, I am struck by the advancements, by the level of excellence, and most of all by their capacity to dream, to reach for the stars, and to develop bold solutions that have local, national, and global impact. I hope you are as proud of UTA as I am. This is the model 21st-Century Urban Research University, and as you browse these pages you will see that it is, indeed, setting standards for others to follow.

Vistasp M. Karbhari President