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Health and the Human Condition

UTA will focus on health and the human condition from distinct yet broadly encompassing vantage points. We will explore health management within physical, mental, emotional, and social contexts. Health innovations will be distinguished by diagnostic, prognostic, and technological advancements that help people live longer, healthier, and happier lives.

A century ago, the average American lived to be about 55 years old. Today we are likely to approach 80. Unrelenting scientific curiosity and exploration have made this dramatic increase possible and led to life-saving breakthroughs in the diagnosis and treatment of serious diseases and other ailments.

But progress that improves our quality of life extends beyond the physical realm. Examination of the arts and humanities helps us understand the nature of the human condition and the broader cultural and social fabric that characterizes our very existence and contributes to our collective well-being.

UTA is emerging as a leader in cancer detection, anger management, tissue repair, and more
UTA's College of Nursing and Health Innovation is establishing itself as a force for health science research
UTA materials scientist invents breath monitor to detect flu
Studying the ideal physical, mental states for focusing attention and exercising self-control
UTA Innovation Helps New Language Learners
UTA researcher wins grant to use data mining to improve diagnosis, treatment of depression
Electrical stimulation of deep brain structures under the cortex could help ease chronic pain
UTA enzyme research opens doors to developing new inhibitors for arthritis
Studying how fluctuating hormones affect female vulnerability to cocaine addiction
UTA engineer working to develop bioinks for use in 3-D printing of tissues, organs
Designing safer cryotherapy devices to minimize risk of tissue and nerve damage
UTA becoming a major cancer research institute
UTA physicists first to demonstrate new potential cancer treatment using microwaves
Using nanotechnology to target inoperable tumors
Leading esophageal cancer researcher joins UTA
FabLab gives new option to children in need of prosthetic hands using 3-D print technology
$1 million NASA grant to develop platform for detecting amino acids
Professor’s poetry earns prestigious international award
Increasing minority students with graduate bioengineering degrees
Science, Engineering Innovation, and Research building planned
New Ph.D. will build upon expertise in health science, physiology
Developing a more patient-friendly solution for sleep apnea
Collaboration offers pre-med students hospital experience
Soft robotic glove for post-stroke hand rehabilitation
High-tech healthcare learning opportunities for pediatric patients
Prominent physiology integrative researcher appointed
New College of Nursing and Health Innovation established
UTA unveils high-tech Smart Care apartment to improve health care for seniors
UTA-UNTHSC collaboration to build prototype shunt flow monitoring system
Partnership helps low income patients battle diabetes
By studying the genomes of diverse creatures, UTA biologists are uncovering what makes us human
Engineer to build more efficient circuits for better hearing aids
Social work professor recognized for research on mental health
New partnership offers school-based community health clinical rotation
Rehabilitation medicine expert named Moritz Chair in nursing
Research examines effect of agro-export business on Mexican workers
Biology major examines ways to fight dangerous infection Clostridium difficile
Better communication could increase use of female condoms
Research outlines strategies to positively influence dangerous employees
Big data team wins grant to build interactive gene expression database
From depression to PTSD, researchers are tackling psychiatric issues
Expert in muscle and bone physiology appointed George W. and Hazel M. Jay Professor
LINK Lab study provides foundation for the future of digital higher education
Study shows employees become angry receiving after-hours email
Toys, household items important in infant motor skill development

More themes: Sustainable Urban Communities, Global Environmental Impact, Data-Driven Discovery