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This is an archive page. Please see the Strategic Plan website for up-to-date content.

Sustainable Communities

UTA fosters interrelationships between natural, built, economic, cultural, and social environments on community sustainability and works with community partners to implement ideas to improve livability of cities, the metroplex, the state, and beyond. Learning from the past and present to ensure a sustainable future, UTA will understand and interpret demographic change and the broad spectrum of human capital. We will strengthen inter-connectedness between individuals and the community by fostering an appreciation for the varieties of human experience, and through the creation of a vibrant creative and cultural ethos.

Developing more sustainable communities is vital to strengthening our economy, enhancing everyday life, and providing a foundation for lasting prosperity. Opportunities abound to make urban regions more livable, including reducing air pollution, preserving ecosystems, and offering a variety of transportation and housing choices.

Today’s urban communities demand better building design, dynamic land-use planning, and improved infrastructure that could save lives and billions of dollars. They also broaden horizons and enlighten minds through an expansive range of cultural, recreational, and educational programs.

More themes: Health and the Human Condition, Global Environmental Impact, Data-Driven Discovery, Culture and Societal Transformations