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Health and the Human Condition

UTA focuses on health and the human condition through an understanding of complex interactions. We explore health management within physical, mental, emotional, and social contexts. Health innovations will be distinguished by diagnostic, prognostic, and technological advancements. We will explore the effects of transformations in cultural expression, social networks, and the material world on the human condition. Together the focus will help people live healthier and happier lives.

A century ago, the average American lived to be about 55 years old. Today we are likely to approach 80. Unrelenting scientific curiosity and exploration have made this dramatic increase possible and led to life-saving breakthroughs in the diagnosis and treatment of serious diseases and other ailments.

But progress that improves our quality of life extends beyond the physical realm. Examination of the arts and humanities helps us understand the nature of the human condition and the broader cultural and social fabric that characterizes our very existence and contributes to our collective well-being.

More themes: Sustainable Communities, Global Environmental Impact, Data-Driven Discovery, Culture and Societal Transformations