Women's Health

The women's health clinic offers caring, confidential evaluation and education to enhance your overall health.
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The women’s health clinic provides a comfortable environment where you can feel at ease asking questions and having your concerns addressed. Certified nurse practitioners and registered nurses are available to provide care by appointment. Consultations and follow up appointments with a women’s health provider are free of charge for eligible students. Charges vary for physical examinations, procedures and prescriptions. UTA Health Services utilizes chaperones (registered nurses) for all sensitive physical examinations, including breast, pelvic and rectal exams.

The following services are available in the women’s health clinic: 

  • Evaluation and treatment of menstrual concerns, common gynecological conditions, and reproductive concerns
  • Annual examination (well woman visit) with or without Pap smear
  • Screening, diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections
  • Contraceptive counseling, prescription and management
  • Pregnancy testing and referrals
  • Emergency contraception, available in the pharmacy without a prescription
  • Breast health assessment
  • Hormone therapy
  • Removal of intrauterine device (IUD)
  • HPV vaccinations


Well-Woman Visit 

Regular annual wellness exams keep you healthy by checking your current health and risk factors and screening for breast and gynecological diseases and sexually transmitted infections. You should begin having annual wellness exams once you turn 18 or start having oral, vaginal, or anal sex, whichever happens first. A general well-woman visit gives you an opportunity to review your health, discuss preventive health steps, conduct screenings and address questions you may have related to women’s health. It usually includes a breast and pelvic exam, as well as a Pap smear – which is used to screen for cervical cancer, for patients over the age of 21. If you have had a Pap smear performed elsewhere within one year, please bring a copy of the results, if possible. If you are using birth control or any other medication, please be prepared to provide information on the medication name and dosage.

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We've Got You Covered

UTA Health Services aims to provide emergency period products for UTA students. Free period products are currently available in ten locations:

  • Health Services, reception desk
  • University Center, Restroom #103
  • Nedderman Hall, Restroom #104
  • Maverick Activities Center, Restroom #106
  • Fine Arts Building, Restroom #167
  • Central Library, Restroom #126
  • Pickard Hall, Restroom #116
  • Business Building, Restroom #145
  • The Commons, Restroom #110
  • Chemistry/Physics Building Restroom #133

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The number of free period product locations will increase to 32 in Spring 2022.

The UTA Maverick Pantry also maintains a limited supply of period products for distribution. 
Maverick Pantry

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First time pap smear

A free class is offered each month explaining what to expect during your first Pap smear and to answer any questions you may have.

Call 817-272-2771 to register for a class.