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Gender Identity and Housing

University Housing recognizes the student’s birth sex or chosen gender identity, whichever the student identifies in MyMav and on the housing application. University Housing will consider male or female designations provided in the housing assignment process and will not be aware if such designations represents sex assigned at birth or the gender identity in which the students identifies with. The FAQ’s below have been developed based on the flow of information from the University Registrar’s MyMav data source to University Housing.  

University Housing recognizes male and female gender identity as recorded officially with the University Registrar’s Office and uses this information in the housing assignment process. Students who desire to make a gender change must update their housing application to reflect the gender identity that reflects their gender identity. If you need to update your gender in the housing system, please contact UTA's Housing office directly at housing@uta.edu or 817-272-2791.

Other Important Questions

Every person has their own story and set of experiences, so providing a definite answer to this question is incredibly difficult. Similar to all academic institutions, the cultural climate will vary across social groups, departments, and classrooms. If you’d like to speak with someone about your own journey and what campus life is all about, contact the LGBTQ+ Program.