Undergraduate Research

Research is a cornerstone of any academic institution of higher learning and UT Arlington is no exception.

UT Arlington aims to reach national prominence through its research endeavors over the next decade.  In line with this goal, research is a top priority from undergraduate through doctoral and post-doctoral levels.  The research programs on campus span all disciplines and majors and are headed most often by a faculty member.  Students should visit the Undergraduate Research Webpage for more information.

Meet Komal

Learn about Komal Alam, who took matters into her own hands by conducting research to find the answers to her unanswered questions.

Set Yourself Apart

Throughout your time at UTA, we expect all students to participate in three of the five distinguishing activities before graduation- so start today for a brighter tomorrow!

Undergraduate research helps prepare you do the following:

  1. Apply classroom knowledge outside the classroom
  2. Challenge yourself
  3. Have an edge for medical school or law school
  4. Prepare for graduate school
  5. Set yourself apart from your peers